INDIAN COINS COLLECTION of Hameed Akhtar Siddiqui
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In this site, you will find some beautiful examples of Coins of ancient,  medieval and Islamic India with a little history.

Coins are miniature history in your hand. The study of coins is also known as numismatics which help us in deciphering history. In Indian history many dynasties and kings were known from coins only.
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September  18, 2001 -  Coins of  Amirs of Sind.
Suba-e Awadh
Suba Awadh located in north eastern India was an important and prosperous province. It's capital was .......  

Sultanate Coins
     Amirs of Sind 
     Bahmanis of Deccan

Princely State Coins
    Awadh Coins

Ancient Coins
     Nagas of Padmavati 

     Kuru Janapada Coin 

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Wajid Ali Shah
Last King of Awadh State of India.

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